Stunning sceneryA cruise can offer holiday-makers the trip of a lifetime. These days, more and more people are opting for a holiday on the high seas, with the number of cruise-goes exceeding 20 million for the first time in 2011.

But what’s the reason for the ocean’s growing allure?

A room with a view

On board your luxury vessel, you’ll wake up with a spectacular new view every day. Whether you’re travelling the coast of America, or experiencing the stunning Norwegian Fjords, awaking to spectacular fresh scenery is a real treat.

And of course cruise-goers experience outstanding views every day, whether that’s the vast open water, various landmarks as the ship passes by, or vividly clear night skies.

The spice of life

Variety is the reason why many people select cruise holidays. How else could you visit a diverse range of fascinating destinations without the fuss of arranging your own transportation? Your cruise liner will drop you off at each new location, leaving you free to explore.

Whether you choose to discover tropical island paradises or the lights of a big city, shore excursions are an excellent way for cruise travellers to immerse themselves in the various cultures of the world.

And one major advantage of making a cruise ship your base is that there are no baggage worries. All your belongings stay on the vessel, so you don’t need to carry anything around with you or do any tedious packing and unpacking.

Star Treatment

The hospitality on board a luxury cruise is second to none. Your room is essentially a hotel room, so you’ll return from your day excursion to turned-down beds with mints on the pillow.

On some liners, suites even come with a personal butler, who is there to wait hand and foot on their guests’ every need.


Cruise lines are infamous for providing their patrons with excellent entertainment. From exotic dance shows to on-board theatres where you can catch a Broadway production, there’s something for everyone. Travellers who prefer more low-key entertainment can catch a movie at the on-board cinema or take in some laid back poolside entertainment.

Depending on what cruise holiday you book, some liners offer dance and fitness classes, cookery demonstrations, language classes and even special interest seminars for guests.

Cruises will often have excellent facilities for children, too, with fantastic ‘kids club’ set-ups so that they can meet other children and stay occupied throughout the holiday.

Fine Dining

Most cruise ships serve just about any food that you could possibly desire, from five-star haute cuisine to hot dog stands and ice cream parlours. Most cruises even serve additional meals and snacks, such as room service and afternoon tea of sandwiches, cakes and pastries.

And many cruises are renowned for their elegant dining halls, where eating is a gourmet experience and where indulgent exotic dishes are served up.

Cruise ships aim to cater for their guests’ every mood, so for those who just want to chill out rather than make an effort for dinner, there will usually be 24 hour buffets, offering a wide selection of cuisines from around the world. There may also be pizzerias, daytime grills, deck barbecues and informal pool-side restaurants – and watch out for decadent midnight chocolate dessert buffets.

All Inclusive

Because cruise holidays are all-inclusive, the stress of budgeting is eliminated. Usually, it’s possible to book a cruise package where the cost includes airfare, cruise accommodation, all food and top-notch entertainment.

This means there’s no additional planning or worrying about reserving funds for the entire trip – all you need is your spends!

So, there you have the top six reasons why a cruise could be your best holiday yet – and of course that’s not all. Luxury spa facilities, martini bars, and sunsets from you balcony are just some of the other activities you can enjoy.

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