It’s so important to stay healthy and well in our life. We need to be in charge of our health, so we need to keep an eye on what’s going on with our body. Here are some unforgettable ways to keep your health in check so that we stay healthy.

Make body checks regularly to spot anything out of the norm

One top way to keep your health in check is to make body checks regularly so you can spot anything out of the norm as soon as possible. You are the one who sees your body every day, so you should be checking to make sure everything is okay. Keep an eye on any moles on your body for any changes that might occur. After all, if skin cancer is caught early, it’s 95% treatable. Therefore, if one does look unusual, you need to see the doctor as soon as possible. You should also make sure you check for any lumps on your body and get them checked as soon as possible.

Go to the doctors when necessary  

Another top way to keep your health in check is to go to the doctors when necessary. A lot of us put off doctors because we are busy with home and work life. But it’s essential if you aren’t feeling great as they could find out what’s going on with your body. Remember to make sure you are going for health tests as well. Tests such as Cervical Screening and Bowel Cancer screening will spot anything that’s going on. Don’t delay in going for these tests as it could save your life.


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Look online and download apps to check symptoms

You can also keep your health in check by looking online if you are not feeling well. You might be able to find advice on how to treat an illness without having to go to the doctor. You can also check your symptoms and find advice on what it could be. Remember always to go and get a second opinion from the doctor if you are unsure. As much as the internet is a useful resource, there is a lot of false information on there too. You can also get hold of some handy apps where you can Chat Online with a Doctor. It’s a great way to speak to them without having to head to the surgery if you are too busy.

Keep exercising and eating healthy

Another top way to keep your health in check is to make sure you continue to keep exercising and eating healthy. It will make sure you stay healthy and don’t become overweight which can put pressure on your health. As we have talked about before, you should try and not fluctuate between weight as it can put pressure on your health. Stick to a healthy diet and make sure you are exercising at least a couple of times a week to keep healthy.

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Remember to make sure you are getting enough sleep to ensure you keep your health stays in check.


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I've worked as an Occupational Therapist for many years dealing with physical and mental health patients, both in hospitals and the community. Living a healthy, well balanced life with a good diet, regular exercise and a taking a positive outlook are crucial to becoming a very well being indeed - sometimes easier said than done!

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