Laser Eye Surgery, The Benefits (guest post)

The inconvenience of contact lenses

The inconvenience of contact lenses

We have a lot to thank modern science for – the Internet, x-rays, mobile phones.  But often it is the subtle scientifically enabled changes to our way of life that can make the most profound differences – like the ability to alter faltering eyesight without having to don cumbersome glasses.  Many people find the two most common solutions to eyesight problems – glasses and contact lenses – inconvenient.  Lenses are fiddly and come with hygiene risks, while many glasses-wearers find them uncomfortable or a barrier to an active lifestyle.  More and more people are opting for laser eye surgery, the only solution that corrects your eyesight permanently and leaves you free to continue a perfectly normal life. Recently, Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli opted for laser eye surgery after suffering contact lenses-related conjunctivitis.

If you’re fed up with prising open your eyelids each morning to fit your lenses into place, then you might like to consider laser eye surgery at a specialist clinic such as Ultralase. Laser vision correction can be used to solve short sight, long sight and astigmatism as well as to eliminate the need for reading glasses. It is carried out by fully trained ophthalmic surgeons, usually with several years’ experience. The benefits are numerous. You can go swimming hassle-free, jet away on holiday without having to worry about stocking up on contact lenses – and, of course, simply be able to see as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Different treatments are available for different people, but laser eye correction is able to restore 20/20 vision to 99% of people with common eyesight problems. The two main methods of treatment are the LASIK and LASEK techniques. Both use advanced technology

to alter misshapen corneas, the cause of sight problems. In laser eye surgery, pulses of light are fired at the cornea, the transparent window that covers the coloured part of the eye, to precisely reshape it. Only eye treatment that takes place beneath this thin, protective outer layer can be permanent, which is why contact lenses and glasses – which go over the eye – are only a temporary solution. In laser treatment, this protective layer is gently moved aside in order to let the laser do its work.

Get rid of glasses

Get rid of glasses

Complications are rare, and the benefits of the procedure are immediate. Patients walk into the clinic wearing glasses and can leave it knowing that they need never wear them again. As well as alleviating the hassle of everyday life for glasses-wearers, laser surgery can open up new opportunities. For instance, if you’ve always wanted a career in the Royal Air Force but were prevented by rigorous demands on the quality of pilots’ vision, then laser surgery could open that door for you. For those who shell out every month for costly new contact lenses, laser vision correction can also be a cost-effective way of improving your eyesight. So whether it’s to open new career paths, save money or simply remove the nuisance of glasses, you may find laser vision correction is for you.

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