Are you sleeping well enough?

Sleep is super important, just ask any new born baby or koala bear! Whilst sleeping 23 hours a day may be a little excessive (koala’s) the benefits of a good night’s kip are immeasurable. According to research though, sleep deprivation is on the rise with 33% of people complaining that their not getting enough shut-eye. Apparently watching or looking at a digital device is a big no-no in the hour before going to bed but that doesn’t stop 68% of Brits watching the telly before donning their pyjamas.

The environment in which you sleep is also a key factor in ‘sleep success’ and 91% of Brits agree, amongst other things, this infographic below reads as a bit of a ‘How to Sleep Better at Night’ guide where bedtime routines, lighting, colour schemes and mattresses and pillows all contribute to how deep you sleep. Now, where’s that lavender incense stick?
Design Your Bedroom For a Good Night



Design Your Bedroom For a Good Night’s Sleep [Infographic] courtesy of


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