jet lag

jet lag

Having jetlag is something nearly everyone has to face when travelling across time zones especially when it’s long distance and with a myriad of symptoms that can be even be debilitating like lethargy, thrombosis, head pains, congestion, disorientation, digestive trouble and more; all indicators that your body clock needs to adjust.

There are a number of ways in which you can dramatically reduce the effects of jetlag which are commonly exacerbated by the lack of sleep on flights caused by the continual noise, recycled air that results in dehydration and lack of movement from the cramped spaces, some can be done before the flight and others during but one thing in particular is the use of a SAD light.

SAD lights are primarily used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder by allowing the sufferer to have regular light therapy treatments at set times of the day to increase the levels of serotonin in the brain which helps to make you feel better and more energised.  The range of sad lights makes it easy to receive the right treatment from sunrises and sunsets to short 15-20 minute treatments, lamps that you can use while at work and even one that is similar to wearing glasses for treatments while performing light activities.  Thanks to the ability to create an artificial rising and setting of the sun particular SAD lights can be easily used to help you adjust your body clock to the local time of wherever you’re going to days in advance if you are able to that way you will already be well adjusted.

Of course you shouldn’t neglect the other simple things you can do to help fight the effects of jetlag like staying hydrated by drinking more water than you would normally do so you are used to the amount you need to intake during your flight.  It’s also advisable to avoid any alcohol before any flight not just once you are on the plane as you will be even more dehydrated but also plenty of pre-flight exercise is recommended too.

During the flight it is going to be difficult to use a SAD light without disturbing other passengers unless you’re lucky to have your own space in first or business class so you should keep drinking fluids, regularly walk around the cabin and avoid close and tight fitting garments.  Once you’ve arrived at your destination and settled in you can easily use the SAD light to help you adjust to the local time if you need to.



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