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Britain is one of the only countries which provides free healthcare for its citizens. As Brits, we should be proud of that fact and try to protect the NHS as much as possible. After all, Aneurin Bevan went through too much to create the service in the first place. However, there is no doubt that medical care is on the decline as the Health Service is at breaking point. So, the question is, do you stick with it or jump ship? It isn’t nice, but it is time to change your allegiances and here are the reasons why.

Brexit Is Around The Corner

A startling statistic came to light the other week. It turns out that there is to be a 96% drop in nurses applications due to Brexit. As it happens, the vast majority of people who work in our hospitals are from the EU. When the agreement ends, there is going to be a massive shortage which will plunge the NHS into chaos. Sadly, that is not the end of it. In simple terms, no one knows how talks will affect the service with a 100 billion golden handshake on the cards. Unfortunately, the signs are that healthcare is going to get worse before it gets better.

Reduced Waiting Times

The current topic of conversation on the wards of hospitals is how to treat the patients most at risk. This isn’t the case in non-government hospitals because they never take on more people than they can handle. Plus, a private health plan allows you to get the quickest care available by going to a not so busy hospital. As a result, there is no reason to wait around with a potential hazardous health issue until there is a free bed. Instead, you see the doctor, take their advice, and recover.

Access To NHS

Public health care does have some incredible facilities that it uses on a daily basis. Of course, you may think that these are not available to you thanks to your private plan. However, the opposite is true as the NHS does not turn people away. In fact, it prioritises them over other patients wherever necessary. So, by paying for health care, you essentially get the best of both worlds. With regards to your health, this is vital as it leaves no stone unturned.

Access To Advanced Procedures

Private clinics and hospitals don’t have to go through the same adoption process as the NHS. As a result, it is up to them what procedures they take on board and which ones they leave behind. The upshot of this is that they tend to have the newest and best medical procedures around. If you are a member, this means you will have access to potentially life-saving services. Although the NHS does adopt them in the end, it takes a while to get the green light.

As you can see, paying extra for a private plan is well worth the money because the pros outweigh the cons.

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