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New York is one of the most cosmopolitan, glamorous, and just plain fascinating cities in the world. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most expensive. This destination is a pretty common item on a lot of traveler’s bucket lists, but budget constraints often hold people back from making their unforgettable trips. If you have a tight budget, and you want to see the Big Apple, here are some great tips for making your money go further.

Plan Well in Advance

To be honest, this is a tip that can be applied to pretty much any trip. By planning your trip well in advance, you’ll open your eyes to a lot of great opportunities for saving that you wouldn’t get otherwise. Comparing flights at different times in the year, for example, can knock a considerable amount off the price of plane tickets. Even the time of day can have a big impact on how much you’ll pay to fly. Another great way to save money is applying for government programs like Visa waivers, which you can read more about here: . Depending on what you want out of the trip, you may even want to enter a house-swapping scheme, or offer to house sit someone’s place during your stay.

Penny-Pinch on Accommodation

The cost of accommodation in New York can be as high as the Empire State Building. Still, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find some bargains if you dig deep enough. Air BnB is usually a good place to look, particularly if you stay out of Manhattan. What counts as a “bargain” in terms of hotels still typically means well over $100 a night. However, if you’re prepared to go with the Air BnB route and stay in someone else’s home, you can get the nightly rate down to $60 or even less. We touched on house-swapping schemes earlier, which can also be a great way to save on the price of accommodation. Various websites like exist to help you set one of these arrangements up with minimal hassle. Just bear in mind that you’ll have to take care of the place according to the owner’s instructions, which can take the fun out of the trip if they’re fussy.

Get on a Roof

Anyone visiting New York should make a point of seeing it from a high vantage point. However, the observation decks at the Empire State, the Rockefeller Center, and 1 World Trade Center, can all cost an extortionate amount to get onto. A cheaper alternative is going to one of New York’s many rooftop bars, and savoring a couple of drinks while you take in the view. The Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District is a popular choice, and when you see its beautiful bar and its well-kept roof garden, you’ll certainly be able to tell why. The staff can be a little picky about who they let in in the evening, but go there in the afternoon, and sampling those breath-taking views should be a breeze.


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