If you are travelling to the UK on your next vacation, you are in for a real treat. There are so many funny things to do and amazing sites to explore. It doesn’t matter where you’re going in the UK, there is adventure and wonder around every corner. If you don’t believe us, check out the list we have gathered below. It should prove there is something for everyone in Great Britain.

Travelling To London?

For a lot of travellers when they say the Uk, they mean London. It can be irritating for those who don’t live in the grand city, but once you visit it, you’ll understand why. We’re not just talking about the common tourist spots like Buckingham Palace or Westminster Abbey Either. There are some truly exciting experiences ahead of you if you are taking a trip to london. If you have kids, you must visit the London dungeons for an experience that will scare and thrill the whole family. You’ll take a trip deep beneath the city, lead by some of history’s most feared individuals like Jack the Ripper. After that, be sure to hop on a train and go see where magic comes to life on Warner Bro’s Studio tour. There you’ll witness the fx behind the magic of Harry Potter. Book online as early as you can because tickets sell out fast!

Leaving the kids at home next summer? Then get lost on Oxford street shopping in some of the best stores the city has to offer. Stop for lunch and then take a ride on the world’s slowest ferris wheel. The London eye is a bit dull until you get to the top. But once you do you are in for an incredible almost birds eye view of the entire city.


London Eye

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Heading North?

If you’re travelling up north, you have the chance to take to new heights with private helicopter themed flights. What national landmark do you want to see? Perhaps you are a footy fan and if that’s the case, you don’t want to miss the chance to soar over Old Trafford stadium. Or, if you are more interested in the wonders of nature, you’ve got to take a flight over the Lake District. This is the place where Beatrix Potter wrote her enchanting tales about a certain rabbit.   

Remember, if you’re up north, you won’t be far from where music history was made. If you find yourself in Liverpool, be sure to go down Cherry Lane for a guided tour of The Beatles hometown.

Maybe you’re crossing the border into Scotland. Just outside of Edinburgh there is the chance to dive with great sharks in a controlled setting. It will cost around two hundred pounds and is well worth it for the marine biology enthusiast or daredevil.

Down South

Finally, if you head down to the bottom of the island, you will see some of the most gorgeous scenery Britain has to offer. But that’s not all because Cornwall is also the capital of the country for surfing. When the sun is low and the waves are high, surfs up. Try your look on the frothy tides, after some lessons of course.

We hope you enjoy your time in the UK and try some of the incredible experiences it has to offer.


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