How to Train for a Triathlon



So you’ve finally made the leap and signed up for a triathlon. Now it is time to start the real challenge – training. Follow these top tips to make sure you are in tip-top triathlon condition come race day …


Training really is key to successfully completing a Triathlon. A triathlon is a massive undertaking that will push your body to its limits, so the most important thing to do is to allow yourself enough time to train. Be realistic. If your current fitness level is low, it is unrealistic to think that two weeks is going to be long enough to get your physical fitness up to standard. Most fitness trainers recommended that you allow at least twelve weeks for training. Keep your training sessions short and frequent, with regular rest days, aiming to train for no more than four hours a week in total. Don’t know where to start? The First Time Triathlon app is a great tool that allows you to easily create a realistic and manageable training schedule. Make sure you train for all three events but if you find yourself stronger in one event, you may be able to devote more time to the others. It is all about finding the balance that is right for you


Diet is another core part of your triathlon training. Carbohydrates and protein will be key to the success of your training as these are an excellent energy sources. Avoid fatty foods that are high in sugar as these are harder for the body to digest and will leave you feeling bloated and unmotivated. Try to dine early on chicken and pasta on the night before race day as to avoid having a restless night sleep. On race day, aim to have breakfast at least ninety minutes before the race begins so your body has time to digest it.


As well as preparing your body, it is important that you have the correct equipment to complete the triathlon. Having unsuitable or incorrect equipment could affect your triathlon time and potentially cause an injury. You should invest in key, quality pieces that will take you from one triathlon to the next. An extensive range of triathlon equipment, from running shoes to triathlon wetsuits, are available from Activinstict. If its triathlon bikes you’re after, a large collection is stocked at Evans Cycles. Once you’ve bought your equipment, prepare yourself a check list of everything you will need on the day, to avoid forgetting anything. Make sure you get used to your equipment too. Practice the transition from one sport to the other to avoid that nightmare tangled wetsuit scenario which could seriously affect your time.

Training for a triathlon was never going to be easy, however, by following these guidelines you are one step closer to triathlon success. Good luck!

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