Although holidays are meant to be a relaxing time they can also be quite stressful with all the preparation and costs that come along with it.

Plan ahead

This will take both the financial and logistical stress out of planning your holiday. If you book far enough in advance, then you’ll have time to pay for your trip in instalments and still save some spending money for little extra’s that make for special moments while you’re away.

Trip planning

If you’re travelling with friends, try to plan your itinerary in advance and see what everyone wants from their holiday. Organising for everyone’s needs and wants will ensure that nobody feels left out and everyone is happy. Be sure to set aside some time alone, so that you all get a break from each other. Remember, you’re not used to spending all day, every day with each other.

Don’t take new clothes

How will you know if those shiny pretty shoes pinch, or if that fancy new dress is too tight? Only pack clothes that you know and love – don’t waste any space in your bag with items that may not be how you want them to be on holiday.

Take some books to read

By its very nature, reading is slow and requires you to be still and give it all your attention. Some of the best books are exciting and engaging, but reading will always be a slow, relaxing pastime. Many people gather together a list of books to read over the year and then struggle to get through the first couple on the list because they wait until bedtime to read. There’s nothing about waiting until you’re exhausted, in jammies, lying in bed that says you’re ready to read.

What about a caravan holiday?

More people are choosing to stay in the UK for holidays. This is due to the rising cost of the Euro and also because it can be a lot less stressful. For those that don’t like travelling a long distance or are not fans of flying then it’s perfect. If you truly want a stress free caravan holiday then maybe have a look at adult only caravan parks which will give you some much needed peace and quiet.


Ultimately, holidays mean different things to different people. Some people want adventure and culture, others want to meet people and have fun. But most people in the UK admit that they’re a little overworked and that they really just need to recharge their batteries, so I hope this article has helped a few readers make their next trip their most relaxing holiday yet.

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