Your body is a miracle. Not only is it keeping you upright, it keeps you alive and feeling all your emotions. It digests your food and processes your water into waste. Your body is a masterpiece that has been built from scratch by your mother. It’s because of this that you must be vigilant about your own health and there are certain signs your body gives you when things are feeling wrong.

Nagging aches and pains can often be dismissed and solved by painkillers or rest, and that’s what most of us do when we feel a bit off. Whether the pain is a headache, a toothache or IBS pain that we may be used to, it’s easy to dismiss when things feel wrong. However, there are times you cannot simply dismiss the changes you have noticed. You may be able to power through pain, but there are some situations where you shouldn’t ignore it. We’ve put together some of the common complaints that people ignore and regret it later:

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  • Head Pain. Everyone gets headaches and there are many forms. There are tension headaches and stress headaches, and simple ones where you are mentally battered from work. The ones you shouldn’t ignore are the ones that go beyond a simple headache or migraine. Sudden, sharp head pain can signal an aneurysm. Most people don’t know that they have one until it’s popped, so if you feel a sudden pain, head to the doctor!
  • Throbbing Tooth. We’ve all had that pain in the tooth when we eat something too cold or too hot. However, if that throb doesn’t go away there’s a chance that the nerve in the tooth has become damaged. You have to see a dentist ASAP when you have this type of pain, as bacteria inside your mouth could cause an infection, leading to an abscess. There’s no use hanging around if you cannot eat your food.
  • Side Pain. A lot of people ignore side pain or tummy aches and pass it off as gas pain. Wind is one of the most painful cramps you can have, but stabbing and sharp side pains that make your lower right side feel like it’s being skewered can be so much more than gas. The appendix may be a useless organ that has no business becoming inflamed, but it still does. Sharp pain followed by vomiting is a sure sign of appendicitis, especially if the pain is localised to the right. The nearest emergency room should be graced with your presence as soon as possible.
  • Chest Pain. Okay, so sometimes that fleeting chest pain can be a muscle ache, or that pepperoni pizza coming back to haunt you later on. Sometimes, it’s a heart attack. In women, the symptoms are not as obvious as men, who feel left arm pain and a crushing sensation in the chest. Women tend to feel upper back pain, throat pain and are short of breath. It’s a difficult one to diagnose yourself, so call for help if you suspect a heart attack, especially if you have heart trouble!


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I've worked as an Occupational Therapist for many years dealing with physical and mental health patients, both in hospitals and the community. Living a healthy, well balanced life with a good diet, regular exercise and a taking a positive outlook are crucial to becoming a very well being indeed - sometimes easier said than done!

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