Do you have a particularly stressful life? Perhaps work gets you down from time to time or you have a lot on your plate now. The following post we’ve put together might help you find a way to take a break from all the stresses and anxieties you may be coping with in your life, as we look at some great outdoor activities you can do to relax.

Walking and Hiking

The UK is a very rural country, from north to south and everywhere in-between. Because of this, it is not actually that hard to find some great walking and hiking routes to suit your own specific experience and fitness level. There is often no better way of beating stress and anxiety than getting back to nature a little and taking a walk in the countryside.

A Walk Outdoors

A Walk Outdoors

Not only will the beautiful scenery help you find a little peace of mind, but the fresh air and lack of noise pollution can also be highly beneficial too.


This is another pursuit that involves the great outdoors, but with a difference. Rather than spending all that time walking and getting tired easily, you could opt instead to find a nice tranquil spot by a lake or river and setup a few fishing rods, have a packed lunch and enjoy the peacefulness and chilled atmosphere that goes hand in hand with fishing. Although it’s always better when you do land some fine catches, even when you don’t, it’s still incredibly relaxing and good for your soul.


Exercise and physical activity are heavily linked to relaxation and unwinding. Therefore, if you’re a bit of a busy bod and don’t like sitting by the banks of a slow-moving, fish-filled pond or waterway; you may be looking to do something more energetic than even just a stroll. Why not invest in a bike and take a trip into the countryside?

Not only does a bike mean you benefit from the physical activity itself, but it gets you out and about. Many hundreds of people up and down the country enjoy taking advantage of the beautiful countryside and nicely maintained bike trails we have up and down the country. There is something for everyone, so it won’t be too hard to find a route or trail that matches your own cycling experience and ability.

Bird Watching and Wildlife Spotting

The UK is full of amazing natural wonders and is home to interesting wildlife and birds. One great way to relax and unwind is by taking the time to really appreciate the natural beauty of the UK. You can do this by trying a bit of bird watching and wildlife spotting. Although it won’t appeal to everyone, if you love animals, and like a bit of a challenge, why not combine these passions and try to see how many wild animals and birds you can spot? It can be incredibly addictive.

There you have it, just a few outdoor activities that are perfect for helping you relax. There are many more we could have mentioned, but this should give you a good starting point.

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I've worked as an Occupational Therapist for many years dealing with physical and mental health patients, both in hospitals and the community. Living a healthy, well balanced life with a good diet, regular exercise and a taking a positive outlook are crucial to becoming a very well being indeed - sometimes easier said than done!

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