The thought of going to the doctors can often leave people shuddering. They hate having to head to the surgery and seeing their local GP. After all, they fear what they might say is wrong with them. And they hate talking about health issues with the doctor. In fact, people’s nerves about the doctors can often lead them to make mistakes. And they might end up living with regret if it affects their health. Therefore, here are some mistakes you need to avoid for the sake of your health when going to the doctors.

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Not taking their advice on board

A lot of people struggle to concentrate when they go to the doctors. After all, they are nervous about what they going to say. So it means they might not listen properly when talking to the GP. And it means they might forget what they say, so they don’t follow their advice. But by doing this, you could end up putting your health in jeopardy. After all, the doctor is giving your professional advice to help your health. So if you don’t follow their advice, you could end up getting sicker. Therefore, always listen carefully when at the doctors to what they have to say. And if you are confused about anything, ask them to repeat what they said. That way, you know clearly what you are meant to do, so you don’t make a mistake with your health!

Not pushing for an appointment with a GP

We all know how frustrating it can be to get an appointment with your GP. After all, you need to wait till the specific time in the morning before you can ring. But when you do ring up, the appointments can be booked up. And then you have to wait until the next day to try again! But if you don’t push for an appointment, you could end up jeopardizing your health. After all, if there is something seriously wrong, and you don’t get seen to, your health could take a turn for the worse. Therefore, always tell them the problem and see if you could get a call back from a GP. Or it might be the case you can go and wait at a certain time to see if a slot becomes available. And remember there are other options such as an online Dr app. They will connect you with an actual doctor so you can get some advice on your health. Or you could go to the local walk-in centre if you think you need to be seen immediately.

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Not being honest about your symptoms

If you are facing embarrassing symptoms, it can feel difficult to open up to your GP. After all, you might feel too shy to talk about things like your bowels! But if you are not completely honest about your symptoms, you might be diagnosed with the wrong thing. And then those warning signs could be ignored which might be a sign of something more serious! Therefore, always be honest with your GP about any symptoms you are facing. They are bound to have heard about it before, so don’t be afraid to open up!

And remember that if you are nervous, take someone with you. It’s better to be seen with someone else than not at all!

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