Do you suffer from a food intolerance?

Food intolerance can be a real inconvenience for many. It’s all well and good simply omitting the offending food types but how does someone with a food intolerance replace the much needed vitamins, minerals and nutrients? For instance, lets suppose a person suffers from a lactose intolerance (the most common intolerance), causing them to suffer from a bloated stomach, fatigue or even unexpected bowel movements. If it’s dairy causing the issue then fine, cut out dairy from the diet. But where does the RDA of calcium supply come from? Well, by through a better understanding of alternative nutrient sources in other food types there need never be a concern over calcium deficiency. In this case, a lactose intolerant person could get calcium from almonds, kale, spinach, broccoli and even bony fish such as sardines.

Let’s also make a distinction here between food intolerance and food allergies – this article explains the difference as does the official line from the NHS website.

The team over at have put together this guide which lays out where alternative nutrient sources can be found…for further reading on this issue, have a look at this article on the YorkTest blog section

Which foods are nutrient rich?

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