Too much tea or coffee, smoking, nerve damage or even advancing years can all be reasons why tooth discolouration can occur. Many people feel dissatisfied with their teeth once they have lost their white lustre, believing them to be unattractive. Although the teeth may still be healthy and work well, brown or stained teeth can cause a loss of self-esteem, leading sufferers to be reluctant to laugh, smile or open their mouth too wide in case their teeth are inadvertently on display. A common treatment which can cause a significant improvement in tooth colour is the use of a whitening agent. Discover below how tooth-whitening works and where to go for premium bleaching treatment and advice.

What is Tooth-Whitening?

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There are two main methods of obtaining whiter teeth; the use of a stand a lone bleaching agent, and laser assisted whitening. When you use a home treatment bleaching agent, you first need to visit your dentist to get him to create customised mouth trays, these trays are then used in conjunction with a bleaching gel for specified periods over the course of a few weeks. Laser treatment takes place at a dental surgery, and involves painting the teeth with a bleaching product which is then activated by a special light. Both procedures can produce good results, although they may need to be carried out periodically as no whitening treatment is a permanent solution.

Dentists are Often Best for Tooth-Whitening Treatments

Qualified dentists that are registered with the General Dental Council can all carry out tooth-whitening treatments. Dental nurses and hygienists may also carry out the procedure. Unfortunately tooth whitening is normally seen as a cosmetic procedure so the costs of the treatment will rarely be met through the NHS. Since treatment through a dentist can be expensive, many people search online, aiming to find alternative methods of obtaining the whiter teeth they crave but without the hefty price tag which using a dentist can carry. Unfortunately there can be significant disadvantages to using products bough via the Internet or through using a beauty salon treatment provider. Extreme caution is advised if considering these sources of dental whitening products.

Whitening Kits From the Internet May be Dangerous

Buying a kit online which promises to get your teeth whiter and brighter for a fraction of the cost associated with using a dentist can be an attractive idea, but there are numerous risks associated with using unregulated merchandise. A dentist assesses the condition of your mouth and won’t undertake any treatment without being sure it is safe. If you have undiagnosed gum disease or other problems, any bleaching treatment could have a detrimental effect on your oral health. Proper assessment and monitoring is critical. A dentist will provide a customised mouth plate which is specifically designed to match the contours of your individual jaw line. This minimizes the risk of bleaching gel leaking out onto vulnerable gums or delicate oral tissue, where it can cause painful blistering and ulceration. There is no way of knowing whether whitening agents obtained online will be effective, or even if the ingredients in them are safe. For all these reasons it’s always better to visit a reputable dentist to get the work undertaken properly, or at least to obtain their opinion on which products are safest and most effective.

If undertaken properly, tooth whitening treatments can produce spectacular results and utterly transform the appearance of previously brown or discoloured teeth. Using a registered dentist for the whitening procedure, or getting advice on the best type of product to use is the safest and most effective way of ensuring you get the results you want.

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