We are often told that we need to take steps to be healthier. It can be hard just to start cold turkey, and give up everything we are used to. It makes life more difficult and we are much less likely to stick with it. It is a good idea to introduce small changes so that you get use to it. Then after time, introduce more changes. Then you will be on a much better path to being healthy. It is easier to stick with things when they are gradually introduced. Here are a few of those smaller changes that you can start making today.

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Drink More Water

One of the best ways to be healthy is to drink more water. Our bodies are made up of water, so to function at its best, it needs water. You should aim to drink around 2 litres of water a day. So if you haven’t had any yet today, go and grab a glass right now! Be sure to have two glasses of water with each meal. Then you are nearly on your way. You will look better and you should feel more energised.

Give Up Smoking

This is a little trickier just to stop on the spot. It is an addiction and few people can just stop through willpower alone. There are ways around stopping smoking, though. You could use nicotine patches. These stop your body from having the tar and smoke but satisfies your nicotine craving. After a time, it will reduce and you will then be able to stop. You could use a vape instead. This uses water vapour instead of the smoke. Quite a lot of people think this helps them as they miss holding something when they are cutting down. It is a healthier option, and will help you to quite in no time.

Exercise for 30 minutes a day

Do you think thirty minutes sounds like a long time? It isn’t a long time if you think about it. Fitting this amount of time into your day is realistic. You do need to make it a priority, though, otherwise it just won’t happen. Choose something that you enjoy and then it won’t feel like such a chore.

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Walk 10,000 steps a day

As well as a dedicated time to exercise, it is good to walk at least 10,000 steps per day. This can be easily achieved. Think about the small things that you can do to increase your step count. Could you walk to change the channel on the tv, instead of using the remote? Could you walk to work instead of driving? Again, it needs to be a priority. It is an easy way to get healthier and fitter, though.

Stop drinking fizzy drinks

It is hard just to stop eating or drinking everything that you enjoy. Try giving up one thing at a time. How about fizzy drinks? They are full of sugar and are no good for your health. Drink plenty of water or a fruit smoothie instead.


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I've worked as an Occupational Therapist for many years dealing with physical and mental health patients, both in hospitals and the community. Living a healthy, well balanced life with a good diet, regular exercise and a taking a positive outlook are crucial to becoming a very well being indeed - sometimes easier said than done!

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