Travelling has been proven to boost your health and wellbeing by opening out eyes to new people and places. But as many tourists and travellers will tell you, it’s easy to become ill when away. It’s easy to get tempted into eating badly and neglecting to do any exercise. You may be having the time of your life indulging and relaxing. But this can make your immune system vulnerable and make you susceptible to picking up nasty bugs. This is obviously something you want to avoid as it could ruin your entire trip. So to stay fit and healthy throughout your travels, keep these three tips in mind.

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Get moving

Sitting for extended periods of time are required when travelling. Aeroplanes, cars, trains and boats will all involve sitting in one spot while you make your way to your holiday destination.  This can make it increasingly difficult to stay active. Lack of exercise and movement can cause blood clots to develop, which in turn can cause strokes and heart attacks. It’s also bad for your joints and muscles as they can cramp up and become stiff. So whether you want to visit Blackpool or Timbuktu, you need to ensure you schedule in some exercise. Walking instead of taking taxis is a brilliant start, but you could also swim in the pool or do yoga on the beach each day too. Many hotels now have gyms and fitness groups available for you to get involved in also. Whatever mode of transport you are using, try to move around and stretch as much as possible to stimulate your muscles and joints.

Wash your hands regularly

When you travel, you are often surrounded by hundreds, if not thousands of other tourists. This can be on your flight, at popular tourist attractions and in your hotel. This high density of people means that you can pick up colds and flus quickly and start experiencing symptoms almost instantly. This can prevent you from enjoying your holiday to it’s fullest. Restaurants and shops that do not have high cleaning requirements could also be a location where you can pick up germs and bugs. While it won’t completely prevent you from getting sick, washing your hands regularly could reduce the risk. Carry antibacterial gel around with you and thoroughly clean your hands when you come into contact with others.

Wash Your Hands

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Get plenty of rest

Late nights, early mornings and jet lag can make you feel terrible. So it’s essential that you get enough sleep each night. You may be on holiday but a lack of sleep can cause continual stress on your body. Try not to fill your schedule with too many activities and allow your body time to recover and rejuvenate. Otherwise, you experience fatigue, fainting and severe headaches. It may even prevent you from enjoying your trip to it’s fullest. Make sure you have at least seven to eight hours sleep each night to keep you feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Healthy eating combined with these three tips will keep you in top form when on holiday. Don’t run the risk of getting ill and protect yourself as best you can.


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I've worked as an Occupational Therapist for many years dealing with physical and mental health patients, both in hospitals and the community. Living a healthy, well balanced life with a good diet, regular exercise and a taking a positive outlook are crucial to becoming a very well being indeed - sometimes easier said than done!

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