Adult acne is one of nature’s cruelest jokes. When it comes to breakouts, most of us associate spots with teenagers, but that’s not always the case. If you escaped your teen years with just the odd spot or two, you probably thought you had been fortunate enough to miss out on acne. Until you started getting acne breakouts in your twenties, that is.

For many adults who suffer from acne, the condition can be a cause of embarrassment. However, if you are suffering from breakouts, don’t let it knock your confidence or cause embarrassment. Believe it or not, you’re not alone, almost a third of people suffer from adult acne.

Say no to acne

Say no to acne


It might be annoying and upsetting, but the good news is it’s treatable. While you could see a dermatologist to get treatment, before doing that, it’s a good idea to try a few other things. You see, the drugs that dermatologists put you on can come with some nasty side effects. So, it’s best to exhaust all the other options before going down that route.

To help make dealing with adult acne a little easier, here are a few ideas for treating it without the use of drugs.

Quit smoking

Are you a smoker – then I suggest you change your smoker status immediately and quit. Research has shown that when it comes to adult acne in women, smoking is one of the top causes. Quitting might be hard, but if you want healthy, happy skin, it’s a must.

The reason that smoking makes you more prone to adult acne is because of the harmful chemicals in the smoke. Over time, these nasty chemicals cause damage to your skin, making it more prone to acne.

Keep note of what you’re eating

Food allergies are one of the leading causes of adult breakouts. Keep a food diary for a month or so and mark when your skin starts to flare up so that you can see if there’s any pattern. If you notice that a certain food causes your skin to break out, the chances are that your acne is linked to a food allergy.

Go natural with your cosmetics

Studies have shown that often the root cause of adult acne is cosmetics products. You see, most products are packed full of chemicals and additives, which can cause irritation, and lead to breakouts. Look at the cosmetics you are using and use the ingredients to work out how natural they are. If you notice any chemicals, throw them out.

While natural beauty products can be expensive, they should make your flare ups less regular. Before picking a new brand to use, do your research and find the best natural products for acne prone skin.

Get professional help

When I say professional help, I don’t mean see a dermatologist. Instead, visit your local medispa to see what treatments they have on offer. You should find a range of treatments, including blue light therapy, for treating your acne.

Although theses treatments can be expensive, sometimes they can be the answer to your skin problems. While you may need regular appointments, it’s better to opt for a cosmetic treatment rather than having to take drugs each day.

While adult acne can be a real nightmare to deal with, it can be treated and got rid of. It just takes time to work out the cause of the problem, and the best option for treating it.


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