Outside of the Winter Olympics, skiing is rarely thought about for the majority of us. There’s just not enough snow around for the majority of people to actively consider taking it up as a holiday.

However, there’s no doubt that there are benefits to be had from skiing that mean we should all be taking a closer look at this high-impact sport. Benefits such as…

  1. It’s An All-Body Workout

Skiing isn’t just aerobic exercise; it’s a total body workout unlike any other. The need to stay upright means your core is going to be worked like it never has been before, and you’ll also need plenty of fitness as you constantly make your way around on heavy skis.

  1. Calorie Burn

There’s no doubt about it; when it comes to exercise, skiing is one of the most effective methods there is. Here are some basic stats, assuming average weight, for how many calories skiing can burn:

  • Downhill – 400 calories per hour
  • Uphill – up to 1,000 calories per hour

Considering most gym-based activities max out at around 200 calories per hour, those are some pretty incredible numbers. Definitely enough to buy you an indulgent hot chocolate when you get back to your chalet!

  1. Balance

Many fitness experts consider balance to be a big part of fitness — it’s not just about how far you can run and at what speed. Skiing requires balance in a way few other activities do. If you want to expand your fitness range, skiing could be the perfect way to do it. Given any falls are likely to be a little painful, you’ve got plenty of incentive to keep upright too!

Where To Try Skiing

The best way to try and see if skiing is a good idea for you is part of a holiday. Skiing holidays cater to skiers of all levels, and if you don’t enjoy skiing itself, then you can always just enjoy the winter wonderland around you. Here are three great European countries that cater to skiers of all levels:


Andorra is one of the best regions in Europe for skiing thanks to its locations near the Pyrenees mountain range. Ski holidays to Andorra can be perfect for beginners, thanks to the mix of slope difficulty availability, as well as a seasoned tourism industry that knows how to put on a good time for visitors.


Arguably the best known of all the skiing countries in Europe, France’s Alpine region is hard to overlook when it comes to skiing. There’s mixes of difficulty and perfect ski chalets to recuperate in after a hard day on the slopes, though be wary; its popularity can make peak season very busy indeed.


Another Alpine region to consider, Austria hosts plenty of small villages rather than the mass-produced holidaymaking you’ll see in France. There’s also been a lot of investment in snowmaking, meaning you’re guaranteed a turn on the slopes even if you attend outside of peak season.

So do you think you might be tempted to give skiing a try?


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